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whovian_bigbang's Journal

A Whoniverse Big Bang Challenge
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A Fandom Big Bang in the Doctor Who Universe
Welcome to the Whoniverse Big Bang 2009!

The Big Bang is a collaborative project for writers, artists and mixers from all corners of the Whoniverse fandom to come together and produce some awesome fanwork and celebrate our brilliant shows!
Whether it’s Classic Who, New Who, Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures, we want writers and artists to sign up and have some fun!
And for the rest of fandom… well, sit back and wait for November!

Now, Big Bang season is drawing to a close, but we’re a time travelling fandom and where’s the fun in sticking to the rules, anyway? We play to our own schedule.

Author Sign Up | Artist Sign Up

The Whoniverse Big Bang 2009 Schedule is…

12th July – Author and Artist sign ups open.
26th July – Author sign ups close.
26th September – Author rough drafts due.
26th September – Artist sign ups close.
3rd October – Blind claims open for Artists & Mixers.
15th October - Posting schedule revealed.
3rd November – Artist rough drafts due.
10th November – 24th November – Big Bangs posted!